Lions Ride for Dog Guides

Hello Riders, Fundraisers, Supporters, and Sponsors! We are all waiting (im)patiently for spring and our 6th Annual Saskatchewan Lions Ride for Dog Guides team are already planning for this year’s rides.

We are still confirming specific stops along the way but we can release that there will be a 1 day ride going NW of Saskatoon on Saturday June 3rd, a 2 day ride going NE starting and ending in Saskatoon on June 10-11th and. Also, as a new and exciting change there will be a 2 day ride in the southern part of the province starting at Regina and ending at Lumsden June 24-25th .

We aiming to reach as much of the province as we can each year, and we thank all the riders and groups that have helped us in the past to raise money and spread awareness about the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guide training program in their communities.

We will update again once a few more details are nailed down but keep those dates in mind!

Stay Warm and Safe out there!


Lions Foundation of Canada- DogGuides has been operational since 1983. L.F.C. has provided specially trained dog guides at NO cost to people of all ages from coast to coast. Each dog guide costs approximately $20,000 to raise and train yet they are provided at no cost to qualified applicants.

The Lions Ride for Dog Guides is one of the events that raises money to support this program and in return supports the autonomy of those in our communities. Please take a look at the Links tab if you want to see a Rick Mercer Report done at the Dog Guides Training Facility in Oakville Ontario.

This event is not territory specific and all donations go directly to the Foundation through our committee similar to Dog Walks, no Lions Club in particular gains from this activity. This effort is headed up by a committee that understand how important this service is to those in need. We remind Lions clubs, we are unable to forward your Life Membership requests or Dog Guide donations for the purpose of sponsoring a Service Dog for your club.