Lions Ride for Dog Guides


We have some exciting updates about the 2016 Ride for Dog Guides.


This year for the Saskatchewan Lions Ride for Dog Guides event and we are hosting three different trips with 2 – two day trips and 1 – one day trip with each making a loop of a different area of the province.


On June 10th and 11th we will be heading west and north of Saskatoon with our stop overnight in Lloydminster.  Our 2nd day will take us east to Shell Lake then south to Saskatoon.


On June 12 we will be going north and east of Saskatoon on our 1 day ride.


The following weekend is the Ride for Dads, so we will not ride that weekend.


On June 25th and 26th we will be making a southern loop of the province with our stop overnight in Moose Jaw.


Pit Stops:  The Ride will stop for “Pit Stops” at locations where a Lions Club is located if possible, to dismount and have a stretch. Some Lions Clubs provide a bottle of water to the riders and a thankful smile to encourage us on. It provides a great opportunity to accept donations from the community and allows for Media to talk to the Riders and or Lions in the community. These stops take about 15 minutes.


Lunch Stops: at times Lions Clubs may offer a lunch to our Riders and a chance for a short visit. Lunch numbers do not include late or drop in participants, so it’s important to register. These stops take about 1 hour.


Following any stop, the Road Captain will call ahead to the next stop to confirm our arrival time and number of participants. 


One Group of Riders plan to start and end in Saskatoon and those from the South joining us en route. Other riders can meet and split off from the main group when they so desire.


To those registering for the Ride or those wanting to support the cause as a Pledge fund raiser, we ask you register on-line as soon as possible. The cost for registration is for each person and is the same as last year, but the fee entitles you to ride all or any portion of our 5 days of riding:


Registration is $25.00 per person


Raise $50 and get a free patch and registration fee waived


Raise $150 and get a free patch and t-shirt and registration fee waived


Remember: when registering it’s important we know what date and how many people to expect for any meals offered on the ride. At locations where a meal is not offered, participants are expected to cover their own costs.


Lions Foundation of Canada- DogGuides has been operational since 1983. L.F.C. has provided specially trained dog guides at NO cost to people of all ages from coast to coast. Each dog guide costs approximately $20,000 to raise and train yet they are provided at no cost to qualified applicants. 


The Lions Ride for Dog Guides is one of the events that raises money to support this program and in return supports the autonomy of those in our communities. Please take a look at the Links tab if you want to see a Rick Mercer Report done at the Dog Guides Training Facility in Oakville Ontario.


This event is not territory specific and all donations go directly to the Foundation through our committee similar to Dog Walks, no Lions Club in particular gains from this activity. This effort is headed up by a committee that understand how important this service is to those in need. We remind Lions clubs, we are unable to forward your Life Membership requests or Dog Guide donations for the purpose of sponsoring a Service Dog for your club.