Rider's Job: Preparing for a Group Ride

All Participants are expected to read and understand these safety rules regarding Group Riding.

Riders are expected to arrive on time at the departure point with a full tank of gas, in proper attire for the conditions, and physically ready to ride (potty stop made, medications packed if needed, sober and alert). Motorcycle endorsements and insurance should be up to date, and the bike should be in street-legal condition. The Road Captain may ask a rider not to join a group ride if these basic conditions are not met (for example, if a rider is drunk or a bike is mechanically unfit to ride).


Ride 2018 Schedule:

Special Thanks to "MOSAIC" for becoming a 2018 RIDE SPONSOR 

If you require a printed copy of a Ride Route, go to our Facebook Page:

             "Saskatchewan Lions Ride for Dog Guides"

Here's our schedule

June 16th - Qu'Appelle Sport Day Parade Completed,

4 of our Riders participated in the Saskatoon Ride for Dad as well on this date.

June 23 "SouthEastern Loop" 2 Days

Starting in Regina

Leave 8:00am from Esso on the corner of Park Street & Arcola Ave. (same as last year)

Arrive in Melville @9:45am Pit stop

Leave Melville @ 10:00am

Arrive in Esterhazy at 10:30am Fuel and Lunch stop

Leave Esterhazy @ 12:00 noon Fuel stop in Moosomin

Arrive in Redvers at 1:30pm Pit stop

Leave Redvers 1:50pm

Arrive in Carlyle @ 2:30pm Pit stop

Leave Carlyle @ 3:00pm Fuel stop in Stoughton

Arrive in Fillmore @4:15pm Supper stop

Billeted in Fillmore for the night and breakfast provided

(a small group will be heading for the Lake Lenore Sports Day as well on this date)

June 24th

Leave Fillmore @ 10:15am

Arrive in Stoughton @ 10:45am Pit stop and pick up a rider and fuel stop

Arrive in Estevan @ 11:30am Fuel and Lunch stop

Leave Estevan @ 12:45pm Fuel stop in Weyburn

Arrive in Regina @ 3:00pm Pit stop and Fuel stop

Leave Regina @ 3:30pm

Arrive in Bethune @ 4:15pm to join the wind up party for Bethune, Regina Beach and Lumsden





June 30th - Esterhazy Hazy Daze

July 1st - Fort Qu'Apelle Canada Day Parade

July 21st - Lafleche/ Gravelbourg/ Climax/ Richmound (overnight)

July 22nd - Leader/ Eastonia/ Cabri/Swift Current/Home

July 31st - Queen City Ex Parade - Regina

Aug 19th - Fun Dayz Carlyle - Parade/Info Booth/

August ~ Prince Albert day ride from Saskatoon to be confirmed


Just because the Ride doesn't stop in your community, there is still a need for Service Dogs, so it is important Lions Clubs and/or Communities register on this web site to raise funds for this worthy cause...